Pediatric Services

Caring & Premium Pediatric
Services by Dr. Mamata Bothra

Infant and Pediatric Nutrition

Balanced and good nutrition is vital for healthy growth and development. Starting good nutrition practices can help children develop healthy dietary patterns. We provide
1. Lactation guidance and counseling of new mothers
2. Information on practical strategies on feeding healthy food to infants and Toddlers
3.Easy recipes for complementary feeding on infants
4.Guidance on balanced diet 5screening for deficiencies and treatment . Treatment for protein calories malnutrition

Neonatal Intensive Care

- Managing preterm babies( 32 weeks onwards)
- Handling high risk neonatal cases
- Neonatal resuscitation
- Well baby care
- Follow up of high risk cases

Asthma and Allergy

- Screening for Allergy and asthma
- Testing for food and other allergies
- Guidance for early detection and treatment
- Guidance for Preventive strategies

Growth and Development in Early Childhood

- Milestone and growth check up at every visit
- Screening for developmental delay and disorders
- Language disorders screening

Common Childhood Infection

Diagnosis and treatment of all childhood illnesses and infections


Handling all pediatric vaccinations and immunization

Pediatric Emergencies

Proficient in managing all pediatrics emergencies